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Welcome to AR's Guidance & Counseling Center! Take a look around and you will find links and resources that can assist you during your time at AR and beyond. If you find anything that you have additional questions about or if you need additional support in navigating a particular topic, please fill out an advising appointment request (link on the right) and your academic counselor will be in touch to set up an appointment. 

Informed Consent

Academy of the Redwoods is committed to providing quality education to its students. In an effort to achieve this goal, school staff or parents/guardians may refer students for counseling or students may request counseling. The aim of school counseling services is to help students reach their full, academic potential and support their social-emotional needs within the school community. These services are available at no cost. However, these services are not intended as a substitute for medication, psychological counseling, or diagnosis.


Because counseling is based on a trusting relationship between counselor and student, the school counselors will keep information confidential with some exceptions. School counselors may share information with parents/guardians, the student's teacher, and/or administrators who work with the student on a need to know basis, so that we may better help your student as a team. Under the following circumstances, school staff are required by law to share information with others. 1. Presenting information about hurting themselves or another person. 2. Evidence or disclosure of abuse (physically, emotionally, and sexually) or neglect 3. Threats to school security 4. If counseling records are court ordered.


If you have further questions about the information on this website, the counseling relationship, the counseling techniques used by the counselors, or the counseling program please contact Brooke Martin by emailing

Thank you, 

Brooke Martin 

Academic Counselor